Vinyl Resin,UM50/55(VYHH)
UM55 & UM 50 resin equivalent to DOW’S VYHH & VYHD /WACKER’S H15/42 & HE15/45 resin

Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetates Copolymer UM Type

UM 55 Equivalent to VYHH; UM50 Equivalent to VYHD

UM50 Solution Vinyl Resin is a high molecular weight copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate. In addition, it is supplied in powder form. UM50 solvent vinyl resin provides a good balance of chemical resistance, solubility, film strength and thermoplasticity. This resin provides adhesion to PVC bases.

Application: UM50 Solution Vinyl Resin is mainly used as a binder in PVC color printing inks. UM55 and UM62, which are used as a pigment for colored sheet, can also be used in paints and plates. UM55, which corresponds to VYHH, is also used for the manufacture of thermal insulation materials mixed with nitrile rubber.

UM68 is mainly used in aerosol paint for shoes. UM50 and VHD are used for high-quality inks for gravure printing and varnish, especially good for regions with a cold climate due to the lack of gel formation.


UM Type Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetates Copolymer

Item\ Specification






Measuring Method and Code


White Powder Visual

Adhesion Number ml/g

(K Value)











GB/T 34011999

Calculated Based on Adhesion Number

Vinyl Acetates Content by Mass %






Q/320205 AHAD06-2006

Volatile Contents Including Water


GB/T 2914-1999

Sieving Rate

Pore Diameter 0.25mm


GB/T 2916-1999

Pile Density (g/ml)


GB/T 3402 Appendix A

Like all chloroacetic copolymers, UM-type resin forms a thin film due to solvent evaporation, it has good strength, elasticity,
wear resistance, water resistance, breathability, and chemical resistance.
In addition, UM-type polymer films have good water resistance, excellent oil lubrication, and resistance to dilute acids, alkalis, and salt solutions.

UM-type polymer films can resist hydrocarbons and alcohols, such as petroleum solvents.


Acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, cyclohexanone, and isophorone are all excellent solvents for chloroacetic acid copolymers. The chloroacetyl copolymer dissolves poorly in solvents like methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, and butyrate when compared to ketones.
It must be slightly warmed up or combined with ketone before use.
The chloroacetyl copolymer can also be dissolved in alkanes like dichloroethane and tetrahydrofuran, nitro compounds, and chlorocarbons, but these solvents are toxic and should only be used under specific circumstances.

It will be very helpful to add a small amount of ketone, which is a potent solvent for the copolymer, when the resin concentration is high.


UM-type resin can be compatible with other chloroacetic copolymer resins, PVC.
resin, perchlorovinyl resin, polyketone resin, chloroprene rubber, nitrile rubber, polyacrylates, epoxy resin, polyester and petroleum resin. In addition, it can also be compatible with nitrocellulose, soluble in esters, with low viscosity.

Filler and pigment:

Most pigments and fillers can be used, including titanium dioxide, green chromium oxide, carbon black, chrome yellow, barite, mica powder, calcium carbonate, etc. However, special care must be taken when applying pigments based on zinc oxide, cadmium and iron oxide, since they act as a catalyst for the decomposition of the chloroacetic copolymer at high temperatures.

Although UM type resin has good thermal and light resistance, in addition, it must also be stabilized with epoxy compounds and organo-tin compounds when used outdoors at high temperatures. You can add a UV stabilizer with light resistance.

Plasticizers can be used to modify UM-type resin to increase its pliability and toughness. for instance:
Phthalic ester
Oxal ester
Sebacic ester
Epoxy chemicals
Chlorinated hydrocarbon

Main application:
1. Binding agent: UM type resin, which includes UM50, UM55, UM68, and UM62, can be used as adhesives, particularly in the shoe industry ( for leather-leather binding). appropriate for use as coloring chips. PVC, wood, bricks made of sand and stone, glass, leather, fiber plate, and paper can all be bound together with UM type resin as adhesives.

2. Varnish
A resin of the UM type can be used to create vanish for paper and shaped PVC products with properties that make them resistant to chemicals, waterproof, abrasion, oil, and grease. It is the perfect material for the packing industry because it is long-lasting, odorless, and meets food hygiene standards.

3. Removable coatings:

Since UM resin does not adhere well to metal, it can be used to create coatings that can be removed to protect the metal surface. The desorption capacity can be changed by mixing silicone or mineral oil.

4. Coatings for cement and brick construction and road mark paint.
For this application, the copolymer of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate and maleic acid can be used alone or in combination with a resin of the UM type. The paint has excellent wear resistance, especially to oils, fats, gasoline, salt and water, which ensures its long service life even on newly built asphalt or cement roads. It is also easy to use, dries quickly and forms a film after application.

5. Printing and aerosol inks
It is mainly used in color printing inks and coatings for PVC products.

Food regulation:
UM type resin meets Chinese Sanitary Standard PVC Food Packaging Resin Code No. GB4803.

Regulation of hazardous chemicals:
UM type resin is not a hazardous and toxic chemical and does not have a classification number in the “Hazardous and Toxic Chemical Category Number” Code: GB6944-1986 issued by the People’s Republic of China.

Hazardous Chemical Regulation:
UM type resin is not Hazardous and Toxic Chemical and does not have classification number in “Hazardous and Toxic Chemical Category Number”  Code: GB6944-1986 issued by People’s Republic of China.

Packaging and Storage:
25 Kg/Bag. Two options for the packaging bag: Craft Paper Bag or PP Knitted Bag lined with plastic film.
The resin has a shelf life of approximately twenty-four months when stored at 24 (75 hours) and low humidity. Storing the resin at higher temperatures or high humidity conditions may result in some discolouration of the product.

Keep in a dry place at room temperature.

Other properties refer to MSDS-0010