Vinyl chloride acrylate latex is a binary copolymer of vinyl chloride and acrylate. The content of acrylate is 5% ~ 10%. The product is characterized by good processability, high impact strength, transparency, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

Vinyl chloride acrylate latex is made from vinyl chloride and acrylate (butyl acrylate, acrylic acid, 2 ethylhexyl ester) by emulsion method. It can also be first prepared into polyacrylate and then added with vinyl chloride to graft copolymerization. Emulsion copolymerization latex can be used as coating directly. With the increase of the carbon number of the ester group, the softening point of the copolymer decreases and the flexibility increases. With the increase of acrylate content, unplasticized hard, semi-rigid and soft products can be prepared. It can be used as heat and impact resistant transparent hard products, coatings and soft products.

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