UMOH, VAGH vinyl resin
Yangguang UMOH vinyl resin are the biggest solution vinyl resin manufacturer in China and we can produce UMOH resin, UMCH resin which can replace Dow UCAR VAGH resin, VMCH resin. Our Vinyl Resin Terpolymer and copolymer resins are of best quality in China.YangGuang UMOH resin own high tech engineers in PVC Copolymer Industry and ISO9001:2000 Quality System.We have passed FDA Registration and receive FDA Certificate. The anual output of Dow VAGH resin, VMCH resin reaches 30,000 ton/year. Our UMOH resin, UMCH resin are largely exported worldwidely.

Vinyl Resin FAQ

Which type of copolymer are our vinyl resin available in ?
Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetates Copolymers
LA Type; CK Type; RC Type; LP Type; UM50 Type;UM55 Type;UM62 Type;UM68 Type; SP Type; HA Type vinyl chloride-vinyl acetates copolymer;MC39 Vinyl chloride-Vinyl Acetates-Maleic Acid Terpolymer.
Carboxyl Series Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetates Terpolymer
Hydroxyl Type Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetates Terpolymer
Note: UMCH equivalent to VMCH;
UMOH equivalent to VAGH;
UM55 equivalent to VYHH;
UM50 equivalent to VYHD;
MC39 equivalent to VMCC AND VMCA;
CK equivalent to VYNS-3.
How is the coatings based on the vinyl resins?
Coatings base on these vinyl resins are non-oxidizing and permanently flexible , and are characterized by the absence of color, odor, and taste.They have a low moisture-vapor transmission rate, low order of water absorption, and are tough and durable.
What will affect the solubility and other physical properties of the resin?
The molecular weight and the ratio of vinyl chloride to vinyl acetate affect the solubility and other physical properties of the resin.
What criteria should be weighed when choosing solvents and diluents for vinyl resins?
1.Solvent strength
7.Type of application
In general, ketones are the most suitable solvents for vinyl resins.It yields higher resin concentrations without gelling and lower solution viscosities at equivalent solids content.
What should be paid attention to when you prepare the solution?
Do not slurry the vinyl resin in the diluent alone, slurrying with diluents may produce a static electrical discharge and cause a flash fire.
How is the compatibility of the vinyl resin?
Our vinyl resin especially UMOH are compatible with a broad range of other film formers such as alkyds ,melamines,ureas, epoxies, and urethane prepolymers.
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