Epoxy resin has high mechanical properties. Epoxy resin has strong cohesion and compact molecular structure, so its mechanical properties are higher than general-purpose solid resins such as phenolic resin and unsaturated polyester.Its curing shrinkage rate is small, generally 1%-2%, which is one of the varieties with the smallest curing shrinkage rate among thermosetting resins.

Vinyl resin inherits the excellent characteristics of epoxy resin, and is more excellent in curability and moldability, and can be dissolved in styrene and acrylic monomers. The resin has low viscosity, can be cured at room temperature, easy to operate, and construction is not restricted by seasons.

Our company-YangGuang Resin Co.,Ltd. is committed to providing customers with highly specialized vinyl resin. The product is mainly used in medical packaging aluminum foil, coating, magnetic card material, heat insulation material, floor, carpet and other fields. Welcome customers to cooperate with us.