Hydroxyl-modified vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymer resin is a form of hydroxyl-functional terpolymer composed of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, and hydroxyalkyl acrylate.




· It dissolves quickly in ketones and ether solvents.

· Excellent compatible with a polyurethane resin, EVA resin, alkyd resin, acrylic resin, melamine resin, and other resins.”

Product specifications:

Item Specification
Appearance White Powder
Adhesion Number (ml/g) 40-42
K value 41-43
Volatile Contents (%) <2.0
Vinyl chloride (%) 72-74
Vinyl Acetates Content by mass (%) 15-17
Hydroxyalkyl acrylate(%) 10-12
Hydroxyl value 90-100
Density (g/ml) >0.6
Solubility Achromatous and Transparent


Vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate terpolymer resin that has been hydroxylated (M16-42)

is frequently used in pigment coatings on metal, wood, paper, plastic film, foil, and fabrics, as well as transparent coatings for these materials.

Gravure printing ink for adhesives; coatings for marine and maintenance.

Package: In 25KG/BAG or as per customer’s requirement.