Copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether (MP Resin)
The vinyl chloride-vinyl isobutyl ether copolymer (MP resin) MP15/MP25/MP35/MP45/MP60 series has excellent plastic film adhesion, good pigment wettability, and good heat resistance. It can be used for physical and air drying paint methods.
Vinyl isobutyl ether and vinyl chloride combine to form the copolymer resin known as chloroether, which has excellent connection properties. Excellent acid, alkali, salt, aging, hydrolysis, and corrosion resistance are just a few of the qualities that MP-45 possesses. superb compatibility with other resins. Excellent wettability, superior adhesion to plastic films, and high thermal stability are all characteristics of MP-45 pigments. It is suitable for other physical drying techniques as well as air drying of coatings. Currently, it serves as the primary resin in composite inks.



ITEM MP -15 MP-25 MP-35 MP-45 MP-60

White Powder

Rotational Viscosity,mpa·s 15±3 25±5 35±5 45±5 60±5
Chlorine Content,% 44±1 44±1 44±1 44±1 44±1
Apparent Density,g/ml 0.3-0.4 0.3-0.4 0.3-0.4 0.3-0.4 0.3-0.4
Volatile,% ≤ 0.5 ≤ 0.5 ≤ 0.5 ≤ 0.5 ≤ 0.5

Product Characteristics

1) Excellent chlorine stability and anti-saponification properties.
2) Excellent aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon solubility.
3) Outstanding resistance to aging, yellowing, grinding, weather, hydrolysis, corrosion, and heat; suitable for high temperature disinfection.
4) Effective adhesion to the surfaces of different fundamental materials.
5) Excellent saline solution and resin compatibility.


1. Industrial anti-corrosion paints frequently use MP resins (MP 15/MP 25/MP35/MP45/MP 60).
2. For container coatings and marine coatings, MP resins (MP 15/MP 25/MP35/MP45/MP 60) are frequently used.
3. Primer paints frequently use MP resins (MP 15/MP 25/MP35/MP45/MP 60).
4. Inks for plastic compounds and other solvent-based inks are processed using MP resins (MP 15/MP 25/MP35/MP45/MP 60).

In 20KG bag,12MTS/20GP with pallets,14 MTS /20GP without pallets,

Storage: Keep clean and dry, out of the direct sun and moisture.