Epoxy Emulsion is a type of epoxy resin emulsion used as an internal and external additive for ecologically safe architectural paint for pre-formed cement units. The epoxy emulsion has small particles, is stable, and is resistant to chemicals and water. Specially designed as a metal primer for corrosion resistance, it can be baked at low temperatures or dried by air, and the paint film it produces exhibits exceptional drying and resistance to corrosion.


Stable storage, Grade 1 for Excellence adherence
Fast surface drying, and resistance to salt-fog (100–1500 hours based on formula change).
They feature a high gloss and a lengthy application time.
High flash point, environmentally friendly, and safe
Water dilution is possible.
It has good stability and can directly grind pigment.
Excellent moisture resistance and salt and fog resistance
Excellent metal adhesion.

Product specifications:

Epoxy Emulsion type Appearance Solid content(%) Viscosity(mPa·s) PH Hydroxyl content%(solid based) Application type
EMR®3240 Emulsion 37±2 1000-5000 7.0-8.5 / Water-based baking paint
EMR®3250 Emulsion 45±2 500-4000 7.0-8.5 / Water-based baking paint
EMR®3260 Emulsion 40±2 300-3000 5.0-7.0 / One-component self-drying
EMR®6056 Emulsion 53±2 800-3000 6.0-7.5 450-550 Two-component self-drying
EMR®6054 Emulsion 53±2 800-3000 6.0-7.5 450-550 Two-component self-drying
EMR®6055 Emulsion 53±2 800-3000 6.0-7.5 450-550 Two-component self-drying
EMR®6355 Emulsion 53±2 600-4000 450-550 Two-component self-drying
EMR®6202 Emulsion 53±2 600-4000 180-220 Two-component self-drying
EMR®6205 Emulsion 53±2 600-4000 450-550 Two-component self-drying


Epoxy Elmusion dissolves well in water to form a white emulsion, and after adding an oil or moisture catalyst, it can undergo oxidative crosslinking at room temperature. It can also be dried at room temperature.

Butanol or alcohol must be added to dilute an oil-based catalyst.

We can also combine our CS-DRO1 catalysts with resin at a concentration of 8%. The paint film dries quickly, becoming tack free in 20 minutes, curing completely in 4 hours, and achieving ideal strength in 24 hours. CS-103 has high shear stability and can be sanded immediately with colored paste.
Furthermore, they are commonly utilized in 1) protective paint on metal surfaces. 2) Baked-on paints 3) Vehicle priming and intermediate coatings 4) A wood sealant. 5. Apply varnish to the paper.