Dow VAGH resin supplier
Yangguang UMOH vinyl resin are the biggest solution vinyl resin manufacturer in China and we can produce UMOH resin, UMCH resin which can replace Dow UCAR VAGH resin, VMCH resin. Our Vinyl Resin Terpolymer and copolymer resins are of best quality in China.YangGuang UMOH resin own high tech engineers in PVC Copolymer Industry and ISO9001:2000 Quality System.We have passed FDA Registration and receive FDA Certificate. The anual output of Dow VAGH resin, VMCH resin reaches 30,000 ton/year. Our UMOH resin, UMCH resin are largely exported worldwidely.

Vinyl Resin,SP

Vinyl Resin,SP

Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetates Copolymer

Vinyl Resin,SP


Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetates Copolymer

SP Type



SP Type

Testing Method and Code


White Powder


K Value



(Adhesion Number ML/G)


Vinyl Acetates Content by Mass

12-14 %

 Q 320222NA06

Volatile Contents Including Moisture



Impurity Particles/100g



Particle Size, mm



Pile Density (g/ml)





SP Type product has uniform particle size, good whiteness, good heat stability, excellent compatibility with PU.



Coloring Chips

SP type resin is suitable to make white and black color chips. The white chips has excellent whiteness and yellowing resistance applied in PU products; the black chips has bright blackness applied in PU products.

Food Products Regulation:
SP type resin complies with Chinese Food Packaging Application PVC Resin Sanitary Standard, Code No. GB4803.


Hazardous Chemicals Regulation:
SP type resin is not Hazardous and Toxic Chemical and does not have classification number in "Hazardous and Toxic Chemical Category Number" Code: GB6944-1986 issued by People's Republic of China.


Packaging and Storage:
25 Kg/Bag  Two options for the packaging bag: Craft Paper Bag or PP Knitted Bag lined with plastic film.

Stored at dry place at room temperature.

Other properties refer to MSDS-0010 Δ TOP