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Yangguang UMOH vinyl resin are the biggest solution vinyl resin manufacturer in China and we can produce UMOH resin, UMCH resin which can replace Dow UCAR VAGH resin, VMCH resin. Our Vinyl Resin Terpolymer and copolymer resins are of best quality in China.YangGuang UMOH resin own high tech engineers in PVC Copolymer Industry and ISO9001:2000 Quality System.We have passed FDA Registration and receive FDA Certificate. The anual output of Dow VAGH resin, VMCH resin reaches 30,000 ton/year. Our UMOH resin, UMCH resin are largely exported worldwidely.

Vinyl Resin MC39

MC39 resin equivalent to DOW'S VMCC&VMCA /WACKER'S LL4320 /E15/45M resin

Vinyl Resin,MC39
Vinyl resin MC39  Solution vinyl resin is a medium molecular weight, carboxyl-functional terpolymer comprised of vinyl chloride ,vinyl acetate and maleic acid. It is supplied as a powder.

The resin has a high tolerance for aromatic diluents. It is cross linkable with epoxy vinyl resin. It has good adhesion to vinyl, metals, concrete and cellulosic substrates. Due to its low molecular weight, this resin provides solutions with low viscosity and high solids.

Typical applications  Can be used in a wide variety of clear and pigmented coatings. Useful as an adhesive metal, wood, paper, film, foil and fabric . Useful with epoxy solution vinyl resin in high solids, thermosetting coatings which can be cured after coating.

Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetates- Maleic Acid Terpolymer 

Carboxyl Type

Spec / Item


Measuring Method And Code


White Powder


Adhesion Number ml/g

K Value



GB/T 34011999

Calculated Based on Adhesion Number

Vinyl Acetates Content By Mass %




Maleic Acid Content%




Volatile Contents Including Moisture


GB/T 2914-1999

Pile Density (g/ml)


GB/T 3402 Appendix A



Colorless, Transparent, No Non-soluble Particles


Recommendation for Resin Dissolving Procedure:

Add weak solvent such as ethyl acetate or toluene into the blending tank first with agitation.

Slowly put terpolymer resin such as UMCH or UMOH into the above solvents with agitation.

Put strong solvents last, such as MEK or MIPK

If possible, heating and keeping temperature at 60-70 degree C, which will help the dissolving process, otherwise, takes longer time.

Resin concentration may vary with client's formulation



This terpolymer contains carboxyl group, therefore, it features good adhesions to aluminum foil, also because it contains PVC so, also has good resistance to alkali, base, brine, salty mist, also has good resistance to oil ester and alcohols.


Packing and Storage:

25 Kg /Bag; Craft Paper Bag or PP Knitted Bag lined with plastic film.


Resin has a shelf life of approximately twenty four months when stored at  24(75H) and low humidity. Storage at higher temperatures or conditions of high humidity may result in some product discoloration.


Stored in dry place at room temperature, Safety Issue refer MSDS and SGS ReportΔ TOP