Vinyl ester resin is an important part of industrial production, with high corrosion resistance, can be cured quickly, and get the use strength quickly. Vinyl resin is resistant to high temperature, strong acid and alkali, and is widely used in pipeline, sporting goods, workshop workbench and other fields.

It is precisely because vinyl resin has many characteristics needed by industrial production, its application range is very wide. It is also widely used to make corrosion-resistant products, such as FRP tanks, pipes, anti-corrosion grilles, etc., as well as anti-corrosion engineering, such as cement-based, high corrosion-resistant floor, FRP profiles, sporting goods, etc.

Our company-YangGuang Resin Co.,Ltd. is committed to providing highly specialized vinyl resin to meet the strict requirements of customers. Our products also include umch resin, vinyl resin CK, etc. If you have any questions about our products, please call our sales staff.