UMOH, VAGH vinyl resin
Yangguang UMOH vinyl resin are the biggest solution vinyl resin manufacturer in China and we can produce UMOH resin, UMCH resin which can replace Dow UCAR VAGH resin, VMCH resin. Our Vinyl Resin Terpolymer and copolymer resins are of best quality in China.YangGuang UMOH resin own high tech engineers in PVC Copolymer Industry and ISO9001:2000 Quality System.We have passed FDA Registration and receive FDA Certificate. The anual output of Dow VAGH resin, VMCH resin reaches 30,000 ton/year. Our UMOH resin, UMCH resin are largely exported worldwidely.


More knowledge about VMCH Resin

A high molecular weight resin containing approximately 86 percent vinyl chloride, 13 percent vinyl acetate, and 1 percent maleic acid. Vinyl Resin VMCH is usually dissolved in relatively strong solvent/diluent combinations, such as 50 percent ketone/50 percent aromatic hydrocarbon, to produce solutions of 20 to 22 percent solids. Vinyl Resin VMCH is used primarily for air-dry finishes, such as maintenance, marine, and metal coatings. VMCH is often used to make heat-sealable packaging coatings.