UMOH, VAGH vinyl resin
The biggest solution vinyl resin manufacturer in China.The best quality vinyl copolymers and terpolymer resin in China. Have High Tech Engineers in PVC Copolymer Industry. Have ISO9001:2000 Quality System. FDA Registration; Receive FDA Certificate.Win China Stable and Reliable Quality Products ?"Hi-Tech"Certificates    With 30,000 ton/year production capacity; Products are largely exported to all over the world.

Featured Products

  • UMOH VAGH Resin UMOH & VAGH Resin : Hydroxyl Type Vinyl Chlo-Vinyl Acetates Terpolymer
    Uses: UMOH Resin, VAGH Resin can be used together with PU or EVA, UMOH, VAGH Resin is mainly applied in Polyester gravure inks and anti-steam, boiling inks, also it can be used in high grade wood and metal paint together with PU and Alkyd resin.
  • UMCH VMCH ResinUMCH VMCH Resin:Carboxyl Type Vinyl Chloride-Vinyl Acetate Terpolymer
    Uses: UMCH VMCH Resin 52,55 are mainly used as primer and inks for metalized card papers; UMCH55,58 are applied in heat melt coat for medical packaging aluminum foils coatings, galvanized tin coating; spraying paint for plastic case of electrics, and metal anti-corrosive coating such as marine paint etc.
By the way, we have FDA and REACH for above products.